Life in Spain After Brexit


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Let’s face it leaving the EU was a big mistake, economically and for anyone who wants to travel freely or carry out cross border operations, importing/exporting has seen prices rising dramatically, logistics in chaos and Visa application problems. What has changed for the Brits living in Spain is you have a choice of residency (paying into the system, income and money in the bank to support your lifestyle, tax declaration and to swap your driving licence to a Spanish one) or you can only stay for 3 months at a time and 180 days in any year. For most retirees ‘living the dream’ 3 months on 3 months off is fine, we have clients who live here for 3 months and go back home to the UK for 3 months and then back out again, we also have some that travel out of the EU for 3 months (US, Canada, Australia, Egypt for example) and then come back and do the same later in the year. The rest of Europe are still able to enjoy the lifestyle and move about without restrictions Spain is very popular for people from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and all Scandinavian countries, buying property here for a better lifestyle playing golf, swimming in the sea, walks on the beach, water sports, BBQ’s and hiking in the sun. The British are still purchasing holiday homes primarily but now have to spend more (over 500,000 euros) on property to be able to get the golden visa and residency status.