Holiday Rentals

The right place to stay? The right places to visit? The best places to eat? The best night-life? Can you help me with these things?

These are all questions your local travel agent isn't in a position to answer. We are because we are here. We can help you get the most out of your holiday by booking boat trips, excursions, golf, car hire and activities such as horse riding, scuba or quad biking for example.

Long Term Rentals

Can you help me find my dream property for rent?

We are best placed to help you find your dream property to rent because we are on the spot and know the local area well. Speak to our friendly staff who can put your mind to rest and answer those all important questions.

Why use an agent as opposed to a private rental?

In the UK private rentals work as the landlord is normally accessible and local. That is not the case here as most owners are from other European nations. If you have an emergency situation such as being locked out, utility supply has been cut off, the boiler is not working etc we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. If you have a non urgent problem such as damp, TV signal playing up, swimming pool is water is looking dirty etc we are here to organise the relevant tradesperson to visit. We help you with your paperwork required for your padron, we provide different payment options for your rent and utility bills (standing order, cash, credit card facilities) and you are rest assured your damage deposit is safe.

Property Management

Will I be kept informed about the status of my property?

Certainly. Your account manager will contact you immediately if there is anything wrong by email, sms text or email which ever is your preference. Otherwise we contact you every two weeks to inform you that the property has been inspected and there is nothing to report.

My neighbour said they will look after my keys why do I need a company?

Would you leave your keys to your home with the neighbour back home? We have seen it all in our time such as key holders disappearing with peoples money or furniture, illegal agents taking clients money and then running away, neighbours being burgled and having all their customers keys stolen then having their clients houses broken into by the thief’s using the keys and only to find out that the house is not insured because the neighbour wasn’t registered or legally able to secure customers keys. Illegal key holders being prosecuted for tax avoidance and even illegal key holders that gave the keys to a man pretending to be from the bank visiting the neighbouring property but because they couldn’t communicate in Spanish they couldn’t establish that they were actually there to rob the place